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BI-LO is an American supermarket chain owned by Southeastern Grocers, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. As of April 2020, the company operates 107 supermarkets under the BI-LO brand in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina. The BI-LO headquarters were previously located in Mauldin, South Carolina.

A former employee said this on Indeed "When I first started at Bi Lo it was good, but once management changed everything went downhill. New managers were a joke, very low pay, they always said one thing and did another. Was really happy I left. Even though I have proven myself I have either been denied advancement or pasted over by other employees who are rude and do nothing but goof off or keep a professional attitude, also consistently behind on paperwork or fail to order materials needed to complete jobs".


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CUSTOMER COURTESY CLERK (Former Employee) says

"When I first started there it was good, but once management changed everything went downhill. New managers were a joke, very low pay, they always said one thing and did another. Was really happy I left."

Meat Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bilo sucks I hope they all burn down to ash burn baby burn I hope they all burn bilo sucks they really really suck glad food lion bought them food lion kinda sucks tooSuckSuck"

Cashier and Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Even though I have proven myself I have either been denied advancement or pasted over by other employees who are rude and do nothing but goof off or keep a professional attitude also consistently behind on paperwork or fail to order materials needed to complete jobs. One manager is constantly putting me down"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"The worsest job to ever work even for a teenager. They did me wrong and to then they store is real nasty especially the bathrooms. They also got they picks too"

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"I’ve been working there and I enjoyed it when I started but the environment is terrible the managers look at you like your nothing and nobody gets along and they never offer to help you. It was Christmas Eve and I was backed up and called for a manager to come help me and they said wait for someone else. It’s not a good job and you don’t get any hours and you don’t get paid anything"

Cashier and Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"I don’t recommend this job to nobody !!!!!!!!!!!!!the pay is bad and they don’t appreciate their workers at all. Hours suck and they play favorites between employees and managers"

Customer Service/Trainer/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Prices are high. Management behaves like the employees and wants to be friends with them and not present a professional situation. I am ignored and not made to feel like a welcomed customer while shopping. Bilo is not on my go to list."

Bookkeeper (Current Employee) says

"Management sucks, the pay sucks, you don’t get recognition for hard work even if you bust your butt to do your job and then some ! I have been at BI-LO since 2015 with leaving for a year due to a manager that made my job miserable. I should have never came back. I bust my tail and never get praise or recognition. We are always short staffed and no one ever comes in to relieve shortness. When we are short handed you won’t see a manager cause they steer clear f the front."

Cake Decorator/Bakery Clerk/Deli Clerk (Former Employee) says

"They don't treat the workers right. I was very under paid for my skill. I have over 16 years. ex. as a cake decorator and they only paid me$8.50 a hourNoneBad Management"

Floater (Current Employee) says

"Low pay, No hours available, Management of employees is poor as well. No room for growth with this company unless you are management. Store environment is slow paced and work is not distributed evenly among employees."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"this place is great for a first job and need some experience. while i was working there, there was no communication between me and the managers. i had been written up for things and never had been informed till later when they wanted to cut my hours. i have children and they wanted to fight me on my availability knowing my availability before hand. i enjoyed the work just not the management at the location i was working."

Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"Bilo pharmacy is the most horrible place to work for. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work there.The managers are extremely rude and they only fix the problems that they feel is necessary, they under paid you, they hate for you to get over time, etc."

Stocker (Former Employee) says

"Store managers were unprofessional and never accurate with anything they tell employees. Managers were terrible with scheduling and schedules . ..........."

Pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"I am a pharmacist that cannot do my job because all that is important to the tyrant district pharmacy manager is having everyone do her work for her. She is literally the worst person I have ever met. Absolutely zero personality except when she is playing favorites. Upper management absolutely does not care about the pharmacy or it’s employees; just the bottom line. Company has been in bankruptcy for years, so no job security with them, and definitely no feelings of security due to the attitude of the district manager. HORRIBLE TOXIC WORKPLACE!!!Paycheck (not for nearly enough of course)Constant pay and hours cuts, management is a joke, pharmacist has to do 5 ridiculous jobs daily like act as if you were employed by UPS for a few hours, be a maid for a few hours, fix computer equipment for a few hours, act as cashier most of the day, deliver meds at night when store is CLOSED (Bilo doesn’t deliver but our boss expects us to anyway), be an accountant for the store for a few hours, and on and on and on"

Store Produce Associate (Former Employee) says

"The people that work at Bi-Lo are great but management expects you to work unrealistic hours and accomplish a list of tasks that you can't possibly do in one day. The pay is poor and moving up in the company is almost impossible."

frozen food manager (Former Employee) says

"worst company i ever worked for. got bought out about six times until food city finally purchased them....but kept same sorry managment!! they are struggling because of walmart and poor managers who they will not get rid of!! managers will not help you with anything! if your time gets messed up or something simple you are screwed!"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I did not enjoy working at this BI LO. The front end manager was insistent we do things her way, or she'd right us up for not doing th job right, which I thought was ridiculous. The bookkeepers were lazy, they'd disappear whenever we needed help. The cashiers were all teenagers, so while it's understandable they weren't really into working, it was a bit aggravating to have to deal with the workers disappearing precisely when I required assistance. One of the bookkeepers was an extremely rude person, and would repeatedly judge my name, and tell me it was inconvenient to him. I learned how to operate a register, and the rules of alcohol, so for that I'm grateful. And I was grateful for the opportunity to work there, but I did not enjoy my brief time there."

Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) says

"Too many store closing. Overworked and under paid. Meeting goals including tips vaccines mtm and customer service will stress you out enough along with getting written up for overtime. Unappreciative and love to throw new rookie pharmacists who don't have any experience in the pharmacy world."

Bakery Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I was told when I was hired on I would work 4 at least 5 days out of the week 8.00 an hour well I was only getting 2 days out of the week working 4 hours management was awful and treated there employees like slaves.they don't care if your sick or not they have there favorites and you will be the last resort I don't recommend this job if you do apply good luck to you all I can say-hartsville I was hired for the bakery and was put on the deli side and when another woman left after they treated her wrong they hired someone else when they could of gave me that spot they are very very crooked!There are noneNope"

Deli Associate (Former Employee) says

"This job is ok if you are desperate. You are expected to do many things, for extremely low pay. Always people quitting, so always understaffed. Could not come in for my night shift for two nights in a row, due to my daughter being sick, and they wrote me up for "distributing employees and customers" NOT EVEN KIDDING! Awful management, always cutting hours, no job security and no guaranteed hours. just please do yourself a favor, and do not even work prospoor management low pay"

Robert Dale Dove says

"did not sign up for anything and they took 2 payments of 14.95 in less than a month. my only order was months ago."

Christopher says

"I don't agree with the 1 purchase per retailer per day policy. If I order online from say Walmart for a purchase of something they may not carry in the store, or have to go to a 2nd store for a purchase I can't redeem both. Secondly if this policy continues the largest purchase from that day should be approved."

Windy Estrada says

"Was charged almost $15.00 on my debit card I ordered from LTD but I never signed up to have LTD perks take money off of my card!!! Will never do business with them again and will definitely tell anyone who will listen on their service."

Cindy says

"I noticed 3 months after my Ltd purchase I had a 14.95 charge reoccurring on my cc when I called they told me I signed up for Ltd perks ! No I did not and I will never purchase from Ltd again. So check your cc people they are charging ppl 14.95 a month to shop with them."

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